5 Artificial Intelligence Basics That Will Make Your Head Spin

So I’m going to start from the ground up, in-order to build an object that is intelligent what are the basic requirements I need to achieve? we will call these the artificial intelligence basics. Looking at the concept of artificial intelligence, there are many confusions, so for clarity let’s divide what I want to build into 2 broad categories: The practical / real life scenario. We’ll call this “Artificial Intelligence

First Let’s look at the odd concept of artificial intelligence

Simply put the concept of artificial intelligence is strange in that it is counter-intuitive. I believe in general we have started to formulate certain ideas of what it means to be intelligent at the level of software and machines which are erroneous in their essence. This is because we get carried away by the term ‘Intelligence’, which we normally conceptualize in it’s human form. It’s the same type of mistake

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