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I’m Fizan and I decided to create this blog/website to discuss alluring and intriguing subjects which at times may be very strange or even provocative, nothing is off-limits. However I intend to be critical and brutally honest in my insights and encourage my readers to be the same. The topics I have in mind are artificial intelligence, virtual reality, human psyche, consciousness, the future, strange phenomena and fundamental philosophical questions. Hopefully we can make MetaScientist a place to have passionate and insightful conversations. It could be a place where we can meaningfully talk about/ or dispute what influential people in these fields have to say (unlike on some forums and youtube where the discussion can at times get lost in the heat of emotions).


A bit about me:
On holiday in Barcelona

I’m honing my skills as a Psychiatrist at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. I have always had a keen interest in physics, philosophy and fundamental issues. I have regularly discussed these subjects with other interested colleagues (mostly psychiatrists) and friends. I find this leads to personal and intellectual growth which helps me in life as a whole.

I believe we can achieve such personal development through this blog as well, so stay tuned.

For more info on the ontology of this blog refer to the about page.


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